19 Mar 6 pm geeta satsang. jan 30, · an introduction to vinoba bhave if you have not and i. gita pravachan, vichara pothi, upanishad vinoba. Of all the books by Vinoba Bhave, his talks on the Gita have been the best. An introduction to this book in his own words is as under: `The Talks put the essence . Next. life & works of acharya vinoba bhave in his own words. a good instance of this type of software is geeta pravachan by vinoba bhave pdf system information, .

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Displaying 1 to 17 of 17 products. Infinite Love of God is the central reality Chid-vilasa of which His power and wisdom are but bhhave. To create such good ‘sanskara’, let noble thoughts course through geeta pravachan by vinoba bhave mind. One-pointedness can be achieved by ghave the wheel of thoughts in the mind by coming out of the habit of brooding on trifles. We now look to God in creatures, cow full of tenderness and geeta pravachan by vinoba bhave, the swiftness of horse, majesty of lion, cleanliness of serpent.

Before explaining the contents of the chapter, Vinoba once again emphasises that Gita is a scripture intended for ordinary men, living daily life in the world. Concepts like Swadharma Performing one’s dutyKarma Actionvikarma Inward action and Akarma Stress-less Intense action having been well explained in the preceding chapters, Vinoba now turns to the means for attaining this perfect state of action.

As we proceed inward the self illuminates the body and puts joy, power, fearlessness self-control etc. Into such actions Tamas enters. When the inner feeling goes with the action, the latter is transformed into something unique.


Besides geeta pravachan by vinoba bhave two benefits, he also receives the great gift of ‘chitta-shudhi’ or purity of mind The substance is that we should make our lives grow more and more by distinguishing the body from the spirit and peavachan feel ourselves with the presence of God within. The best way to discover this joy is ‘Bhakti’ or Devotion.

Devotion with and without Form. What he really prayed for was the vision of cosmic form was to see all at once the Omnipresent Lord, who pervaded all time past, present and future and all space here, above, below and everywhere. Thus he practices the art of seeing the one God geeta pravachan by vinoba bhave play everywhere and in doing so, one day the seer-saint merges into the Lord.

When the devotee discovers that his own efforts are inadequate to cleanse the subtle impurities of his mind, when he is on the point of break-down, He becomes the Helper of the helpless and rushes to his aid. Peavachan have to endure it in the form of sickness and other miseries. To a king of scriptures like Gita, a daily half our worship or puja vnioba no satisfaction. It is this purity of existence which can get in tune with God during and at the end of the life.

As mentioned in the introduction, these talks on Gita were given once a vinobw in the prison at Dhule, one of the eastern districts in the state of Maharashtra where Vinoba was a political prisoner. To my mind, the reason why it is safe is that it can geeta pravachan by vinoba bhave practised successfully from the humblest to the mightiest. When the mind is pure and heart full of simplicity and holiness, moksha or liberation is not geeta pravachan by vinoba bhave to attain.

Although Vinoba has given this name to the chapter, as I studied Talks on the Gita, I was tempted to give another name ‘Bhakti’ or ‘Devotion re-defined’. This identification with the body builds a wall around me and cuts me off, and I regard only the bodies as “me” and “mine”.

In it, foxes, dogs, crows, deer, hares, tortoise, snakes, worms all talk and geeta pravachan by vinoba bhave. The mind becomes still steady and radiant, like the polestar. The creative effort we make, charity we give and japas we perform, all these can be called Yagna in the comprehensive sense.


Sixteenth and Seventeenth chapter details the inner fight and the programme for the seeker. From this point we start experiencing our divinity. The moments of our daily life may appear commonplace, but in reality they are not so, they carry enormous significance.

That is his personal contribution. Therefore turn your heart towards God. This is one of the geeta pravachan by vinoba bhave to overcome the Tamas or Laziness.

To shake off laziness, one must perform bodily labour.